Socks playing the best game, Later Alligator dressed up as his favorite character, Pat!

Who even is SocksTheWolf?

Hi, I'm Socks!

I'm a big fluffy werewolf who exudes dad energy to everyone I meet. I'm huge into validation and encouragement, and I'm extremely happy to provide a healthy, safe area for people both furry and non-furry, to hang out and enjoy themselves.

I stream entirely in a motion capture suit via a pipeline I developed & engineered myself. This provides me with full control over the entire production, allowing for neat little moments of interaction directly with my viewers.

Streaming is a side hobby for me, I currently work a full time job as a game developer. I've made several really popular, award winning games, but now I just want to play them with you! Feel free to ask me about game development! I love sharing knowledge!

I'm all about being the best you can be, and understanding that it's alright to fail, so long as you keep moving forward! I love working out and getting stronger and bigger so I can lift everyone up in the air. 

Let's touch the sky together!