Ref Sheet

If you make art of Socks, please send it to me over social media or Discord! I love to print out the art I get and put it on my fridge. 

NOTE: Please keep art suggestive at best if it's going on the fridge. Thank you!

I have two ref sheets! You can use either styling, but my current ref sheet is the most accurate to my character.

That said, my colors tend to skew in multiple directions, so if you go with the more darker orange-brown from my previous sheet, that's totally fine too! I love both color schemes equally! <3

You can click the images to open them up in full screen!

Current ref sheet by the wonderful TagTigon!

Previous ref sheet made by my friend Rousk!

Below are a few artist depictions of Socks as well! The artists' handles can be found in the caption for each image.